A little sample of our unique tastes that everyday we make
 with  a lot of love and craft, especially for you..

All of the fish and the seafood are bought daily and coming from Gera Gulf. All of these are grilled on coals.

Delicious, fresh squids, sardines from Kalloni area, shells (whenever the season allows to collect them).

All the vegetables we use are from our own fields without any kind of fertilizers. Greens (wild) from the land of Lesvos.

Filling salads, made with mature tomato, fresh vegetables, rocket and onions.

The pure virgin oil is also one of our products, and is used for the salads and the cooked food.

All the kind of cheese that we use (ladoturi, hard cheese) are produced in Mytilini. All the kind of salted fish are made by us.

All the tastes that we offer you are unique and ideal to satisfy even the most demanding mouth.


Our special plates are endless. Taste the delicious spaghetti with sea food and the unique octopus balls.

Ask to eat fine starters like tacos with vegetables and giousleme (traditional cheese pie)

Taste the local food kolokitholoulouda (made with the flower of marrow) or tiganitelia, really good in taste and traditionally made. 

That is why the Greek Organization of Food have chosen us  for our Certified Greek Cuisine.

Of course with all of our delicious tastes you may try 15 different kinds of ouzo, 25 etiquettes of greek wines and Lemnos wine.


For those who love meat our proposals are many!

Local fresh meat, steaks, sausages and hamburgers made with fresh chopped meat or meatloaf with ouzo!

For those who prefer classic tastes there are daily cooked food with pure ingredients.

Enjoy every season of the year, different kinds of spoon sweets. Watermelon, sour orange, marrow, cherry, grape, walnut, almond, rose, chestnut with greek coffee made on the ember. We also have nut-cake and ravani.

We are sure that you will have a serious problem about what to chose, because our plates are temptations.

Credit cards are axcepted:
National Bank card
JCB cards